The Benders

I have to admit that I know next to nothing about The Benders, except for the fact that they were an American garage punk band from the sixties. Further research tells me that they came from Wisconsin and had a guitarist called Gerry Cain, a vocalist and drummer called Paul Berry, a bassist called Geno Jansen and a rhythm guitarist called Tom Nofke. Gerry Cain was the main man and was also in a band called The Why Four.

I found all this out on this excellent website called 60's Garage Bands. It's a site I will be checking out regularly.

Of course, it doesn't actually matter who The Benders were, where they came from or who was in the band. I came across this by accident and the only thing that struck me was what a brilliant record it is, how raw, how in your face, how much energy there is. That I just needed to turn it up loud and let those distorted guitars and that voice get inside my consciousness. And then I realised, like so many times before, that this is what makes rock and roll so amazing - you can think you've heard it all and then an obscure band from long ago comes along and totally blows you away, so that you feel like you did when you first heard My Generation all those years ago.

And then it hit me that they looked as cool as hell. Which is what really counts, of course.

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