Electric Warrior

I've still got my old, battered copy of Electric Warrior by T Rex. It was the first album I owned and, as such, has an important personal significance. In my view, it captures Marc Bolan at his artistic peak, when lyrics were strange and interesting and the music had a hard edge that appealed to rock and roll afficionados as well mainstream pop pickers. In short, Bolan was the coolest thing on the planet in those days. And when Electric Warrior was released he was emerging from the hippy fringes into the spotlight of media and adolescent attention.

Tunes like Mambo Sun, Cosmic Dancer and Planet Queen were classics which sit neatly alongside the more well known tunes, Get It On and Jeepster, which adorn the album. They demonstrate fully that there was more to Marc Bolan than the records that hit the top five. Not that there was anything wrong with those classics, of course.

It is pleasing to see that Electric Warrior has been given the Deluxe treatment, all of which include rarities, b-sides, outtakes. There are a variety of options available, from the box set (including DVD, poster, collectibles) to the single cd.

Details are here:


All in all, the album still sounds as fresh as always. And I've always said that you can see true genius by the quality of an artist's b-sides. To put Life's A Gas on the flip of Jeepster shows true belief, an intimate and unflinching confidence in your music and star quality.

This is Life's A Gas:

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