The Strypes

You can see this band being huge. It isn't just the fact that they're still only fifteen that makes you sit up and listen, but how accomplished they are, the great sound they make. Cavan boys Ross Farrelly (vocals), Josh McClorey (lead guitar), Peter O'Hanlon (bass)and Evan Walsh (drums) produce harmonies that could have come direct out of mid-sixties Liverpool, as could their look. Not to mention the guitar sound and how the whole thing fits together so perfectly.

The Strypes wear authenticity in their sleeve. Check the polo neck sweaters and those haircuts. And it's made even more authentic on the video for You Can't Do That when you get a brief glimpse of their footwear, Converse All Stars, the one element that tells you it's 2012 and not 1964. They're the trainers they'll wear on the streets, with their mates, hanging round record shops and cafes on a Saturday afternoon. It's a moment of imperfection that somehow makes the whole more perfect.

And they're not that young anyway. They're only a year or two younger than than the likes of Lennon, Townshend and Weller were when they were recording the best of their early music. Perhaps it's just that the rest of us are getting older.

Whatever, they're ace. Listen and enjoy.


  1. Bang on sir! They even have the right musical instruments! Can't tell if they play re-issues but you can't really fault them, can you?

  2. Hi Rob, spot on mate ;-) Could you message me on when you get time please bud.

  3. Absolutely. I love this band so much right now, so proud I'm seeing them the second time next month :D