White Heat

Watched the fifth episode of White Heat. Its 1982 and the Falklands campagn is gathering pace. Jack the public school proto-new Labourite is doing cold turkey, Lilly has big ideas and Charlotte's love life is in usual turmoil.

This is proving to be a gripping, tantalising series. We still don't know who is the reason for the flatmates visit to the flat, although there is a strong implication. I have a feeling there is a surprise in store on that point but it would be so like the series to draw you in and then let it turn out that your initial assumption was right all along.

And what of the politics? The trailer for next week implies that someone is about to revert to type and follow the party of his ancestors.

Claire Foy gives the standout performance as Charlotte. But, equally worthy of mention is Jeremy Northam, as Jack's father. For my money, easily the most sympathetic character.

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