Anders Peterson - Soho

There was a fascinating article in Sunday's Observer about Swedish photographer Anders Peterson and a new book "Soho".  It is the result of a three week period of shooting in May 2011, at the invitation of Photographer's Gallery in London.  Peterson chronicles night owls drawing edgy, intimate images  of that legendary part of the capital.  It is, he observes, different, cleaner and more fashionable than it was in the 1970s, though with traces of the old Soho still remaining.

After studying photography in Stockholm in the sixties, Peterson published his first book, Cafe Lehmitz in 1978, which detailed the bohemian life of a bar on Hamburg's Reeperbahn.  It was followed by other works such as French Kiss and Back Home.

The article gives more detail and can be found here.  The book is available from Mack books here.

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