The Ray

I'm in garage rock mode right now. And for tunes that meet that particular description perfectly, you don't have to look any further than this three piece.

A few weeks ago, we featured Papa Bill Records, from Montreal, who had put together their very own piece of twenty first century northern soul.  It turns out that the man behind Papa Bill, Benjamin H Shulman, is also guitarist and vocalist in a garage band called The Ray.

Along with Benjamin, the band also comprises Jesse Michaels on bass and Jeff Gallant on drums. They've got a five track ep, You Hear The Coolest Things, for download at their bandcamp page, a selection of videos on their You Tube page and more information about the band on Facebook.

The Ray have a classic garage sound that works perfectly, taking you back to the golden days of the genre, back in the sixties.  For a taste, this is the lead tune on their ep which is called  A Little Bit Of Sunshine.

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