The Swagger

I have to admit that the first thing about this new band that caught my attention was the name The Swagger.  Inspired, in my view.  And it made me head off over to their Facebook page to check them out.

They're "an English 4 piece indie, mod, rock band from North London".  With influences ranging from The Kinks and Oasis, through The Yardbirds and The Jam, it struck me that they were definitely worth more than a cursory listen.  I wasn't wrong.  The live videos I watched, one of which is a rather good version of The Beatles' Norwegian Wood, reveal a  professional band with a knack for producing engaging melodic rock.

The band is made up of brothers Lee and Paul Stevens (rhythm/lead guitar and vocals) who are joined by Will O'Connell (bass) and Tim Desmond (drums). They have an ep out soon entitled Carnaby's Treat which, by all accounts, will be worth waiting for.

You can find the two videos on their Facebook page, which were recorded at the Hornsey Tavern. They are also on My Space.

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