Wideboy Generation - No Time To Be Shy

Let's have some rock and roll. Dirty and loud and oozing with attitude, just the way we like it. Wideboy Generation are releasing their debut album on 16 July. Produced by John Cornfield (Stone Roses, Oasis, Cast, Muse, The Verve), it's the sort of straight ahead set of tunes we've come to expect of these boys over recent years.

Distorted guitar chords drive out of the speakers direct and hard, along with spiky, cheeky vocals by Joe Finnegan. Bass and drums, courtesy of Aiden Eggenton and Jamie Wilsden, blast like a rollercoaster, at the same time providing a solid backbeat. Lyrics of personal and social observation adorn each tune on the album, songs like Typical Blonde, Get Up Get Out and DIY, and the singles Sylvia and Looters.

Wideboy Generation are three hip young gunslingers who have consistently produced the goods. No Time To Be Shy confirms their potential. They've got attitude, swagger, confidence. And a penchant for producing incendiary, three minute anthems.  Get this album, stick it on the stereo and play it loud. That's the way it has to be heard.

Their website is here. And this is Sylvia.