High Numbers at The Railway Hotel

This piece of footage was released a few years back as part of The Who's Amazing Journey DVD. It is of the band in their High Numbers days playing at the Railway Hotel in Harrow. Some of the film is recognisable from the I Can't Explain video which was featured a while back.

The story behind the footage is explained at the outset. Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp were looking for a band to appear in a film they were making on the London mod scene. They happened upon the Railway Hotel one night and caught the band in its early R&B glory. They didn't have to look any further for the band they were seeking - though they did suggest a return to their previous name - The Who - after the brief excursion to the Pete Meaden inspired High Numbers.

The tunes are Jesse Hill's Ooh Pooh Pah Doo and Smoky Robinson and The Miracles' I Got To Dance To Keep From Crying, both of which were by all accounts key mod tunes of the day. There's also a brief shot of the venue itself early on in this footage, which appeared on the gatefold sleeve of the 1971 compilation Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy.  I can't believe this was lost for forty years. I find it inspirational.


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  1. Inspirational is the right word! I love this footage. Frankly, it was what I liked most about that "Amazing Journey" DVD!