Little Night Terrors

Little Night Terrors are the latest promising band to come out of the fair city of Leicester. They have been formed by brothers Andy Stone (guitar/vocals) and James Stone (drums), who have teamed up with Dan Holyoak (bass).  The Stone brothers were half of local legends The Displacements a few years back, who's single Frontline Hearts was released as a limited edition on Stiff records.  1000 copies were pressed which promptly sold out.

But we're not talking here about past glories.  Little Night Terrors are very much of the present and are  keeping the rock and roll tradition alive with an infectious, full on sound that combines perfect pop sensibility and straight ahead guitar-fuelled adrenalin - and which is more than capable of blasting through the sea of dross that surrounds us.  They've just completed a tour and are busy planning the next.  Upcoming dates include Sheffield Tramlines Festival on 21 July and Leicester's Summer Sundae on 18 August.  They've also released a couple of top notch singles - Pocket Rocket (Where The Light Is) and The Witches - and are working on another with producer Simon Barnicott.

Find out more on their website and their Facebook page.  This is their immensely catchy single Pocket Rocket (Where The Light Is).


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