The Standells

More mid-sixties American garage rock.  The Standells have legendary status amongst aficionados of the genre.  Hailing from LA, they went through various personnel changes, before arriving at their classic line up  of Larry Tamblyn (keyboards), Tony Valentino (guitar), Gary Lane (bass) and Dick Dodd (drums/vocals).  Minor points of interest are that Tamblyn's brother was actor Russ and that original drummer - Gary Leeds - went on to play under his original name of Gary Walker for The Walker Brothers.

The Standells are best known for their tune Dirty Water, which charted in the US in 1966.  It also has the honour of appearing on the original Nuggets album of 1972.  With its dirty, in you face, vocals, forged in the gutter feel and incessant riff, this is timeless class.


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