Pete McKee - new collection

For some time, Pete McKee has been one of my favourite contemporary artists.   His pictures have a unique, yet familiar, quality, drawing on quintessentially British subculture, from mod, through two tone and casual, to contemporary indie.

My favourites include the one where a group of mods hang around outside the venue at The Jam's last ever gig in Brighton in 1982 and "Booty And The Beat", where a young Beatles fan polishes his Chelsea boots.  Then there are those which celebrate great moments in Sheffield music history, from Phil Oakey getting his trademark haircut, to a young Alex Turner and his mates musing after a kick around at a local park that they should form a band.  His gallery, "A Month Of Sundays", in his native Sheffield, is well worth a visit.

In the wake of the Stone Roses' triumphant return, he has two new pictures for sale.  One is an eighties bedroom, where a teenage fan relaxes to the debut album.  The other is a portrait of the band as they are now, but with the clever twist that all are donning their eighties clothing.  Ian Brown, in particular, wears that top - the one that was such a familiar part of the band's overall look.

Find out more about McKee and his work here.

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