The Spitfires

This lot sound a bit tasty. If the evidence is anything to go by, The Spitfires are about to launch an incendiary blast to the portals of complacent, contemporary Britain.

Their strapline is "supplying the urgent voice and sound of today and tomorrow" and you wouldn't argue with that sentiment one jot. The band hail from Watford with the line up of songwriter Billy Sullivan on guitar and vocals, Sam Harrington on bass and Henry Frakes on drums. Influences include the likes of The Jam, The Specials, Small Faces, Motown and The Who. Find out more about them at their Facebook and My Space pages.

I love this tune from last years's debut ep "From Cradle To Grave".  There's the jagged guitar introduction,  the very danceable dub section and lyrics that are spot on, working on the level of both the personal and as a commentary on current society in its wider context. But more than anything it's the energy, the raw power, the heartfelt anger that comes through loud and clear. This band are definitely one to watch.


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