Paul Weller Live At The 100 Club

That was an unexpected pleasure. I get home from work tonight and check my Facebook updates. Someone has posted a link to a live stream of Paul Weller's show at the 100 Club courtesy of those nice people at Converse Represent.

So I tune in at 10.05 and am treated to a top drawer performance of tunes from right across Weller's career, from the very first single with The Jam, In The City (I've still got a copy with a battered pic sleeve from 77), through to That Dangerous Age from this year's album Sonik Kicks.

It was a confident set, with the whole band  fired up for the occasion.  Recent albums were well represented, with tunes including Wake up The Nation, Fast Car/Slow Traffic, When Your Garden's Overgrown and The Attic.  Early to mid period Jam songs included a version of Art School from the first album, with vocals shared with Andy Crofts (whose keyboards deserve a particular mention) and the number one single, Start.  And his earlier solo career was represented by very strong versions of Into Tomorrow and Foot Of The Mountain.

All in all, possibly the best live stream I've watched. And the congratulations for Bradley Wiggins' gold medal today was a nice touch.  I hope Weller will be doing a tour soon because, if this was anything to go by, he will be on top form.  The Converse Represent site is worth checking  for news of future shows.

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