Last Minute Glory

There's nothing like a brand new, well-crafted song, delivered by tunesmiths who sound like they have fire in their bellies, to take you through the day.  Goodbye Sunday by Last Minute Glory is a case in point.

Last Minute Glory are a promising young band from Edinburgh. Comprising Michael Byrne, Chris Karpacz, Lee Brown and Daniel Shearer, they are producing a raft of strong, contemporary pop tunes. Goodbye Sunday opens with some powerful chords, building into an infectious slice of guitar-fuelled pop, with lyrics that sound personal yet have a universal appeal. It's a song that you could very easily find yourself putting on repeat. And I love that bit of feedback at the end.

There are various clips of live performances by the band on You Tube which are worth a look. You can hear Goodbye Sunday at their Soundcloud page and download it from their Facebook page.

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  1. I've seen this band play a couple of times recently. They aren't likely to win any Ivor Novello awards for songwriting but they are an enthusiastic bunch who clearly enjoy performing. The lead singer in particular has bags of personality and panache. They are a fun band and I like them!