DC Fontana - Pentagram Man

It's time for brand new music from the excellent DC Fontana. Over the last year, the band has undergone a line up change, with Louise Turner replacing Karla Milton as vocalist and doing so admirably, as this ep testifies.

Pentagram Man is a collection of six tunes, all of which demonstrate a development of the group's sound. The strong sixties influence remains but it has become more sophisticated, with a nod to 1966 rather than 1964. It features layers of musical textures that get inside your mind and start the feet moving in equal measure. A prime example is the title track.  Check how the guitar and Hammond intertwine with the pop flavoured vocals.  And I love that outro.

Then there's the Tamla Motown style introduction of Devil Angel, which leads into a captivating torch singer vocal from Turner.  It works perfectly and is perhaps my favourite tune on the album.  What Would It Take is a entrancing ballad which has a folky, Summery feel, with picked acoustic guitar and strings and other musical delicacies in the background.

Satisfied (Part One) is a stylised re-working of one of the most memorable tunes from their first album Six Against Eight.  I'm pleased they explored it again because the result, featuring stripped down instrumental arrangement and a vocal from Scott Riley, who wrote the song, is an impressive piece of bluesy soul.  It is followed by Sighed DC, an eight minute psychedelic extravaganza, featuring spoken samples, rhythmic patterns, a harp and other delights.

The final tune is a reprise of the title track, this time sung by sixties icon Don Fardon.  It is a fitting conclusion, combining the influences that make up the album and adding another perspective to the tune.

Of additional interest are the sleeve notes on all things psychedelic, penned by Peter Daltrey of Kaleidoscope. They are apt because Pentagram Man is a tour de force of psychedelia.  Well worth adding to your collection, in fact.

Pentagram Man is available from http://www.dcfontana.com/shop/.  It can also be downloaded from iTunes.  We're also told that a 7" single from the ep will be released on Heavy Soul VERY shortly!!!

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