Nolan Porter With Stone Foundation - Live At The 100 Club, 7 July 2012

On 7 July, northern soul legend Nolan Porter appeared onstage at the 100 Club with Stone Foundation. Soon afterwards, reports began to circulate about the quality of the performance that night. The footage that emerged on the web supported the fact that the show was a little bit special. I featured a clip of Fe Fi Fo Fum back in July, from a forthcoming documentary.

Since then, the performance has found its way onto cd and a limited edition of 500 copies were released on ebay. I don't know how many copies are left but it is still listed. If you haven't got a copy, and have an opportunity to get one, my recommendation is to jump at the chance. It has to go down as one of the best live albums ever made. The quality of the playing from Stone Foundation is inspirational, while Nolan Porter demonstrates that he still has everything that made him a star back in the seventies.

From the opening bars of To Find The Spirit, the vibe is uplifting. The classics are all there - Keep On Keeping On, If I Could Only Be Sure, the aforementioned Fe Fi Fo Fum. Then there great tunes such as Somebody (Somewhere)Needs You and Crazy Love. And the version of the Stone Foundation's own Tracing Paper is spot on.

Sometimes, a particular show gains legendary status, gaining a reputation beyond the immediate vicinity of the night in question, forging its own musical territory and influencing a whole generation of connoisseurs. Bob Marley at the Rainbow comes to mind, as does the Sex Pistols at the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester. Nolan Porter with Stone Foundation at the 100 Club may well be another such example. Get hold of this cd to hear the evidence for yourself.

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