The Spitfires - Spark To Start

There's the thud of a bass line, followed by a touch of Hammond and then the drums and choppy guitar kick in.  A couple of bars later, the vocals come through, loud and strong and clear, telling us that "by now you should know what's right/by now you should know what's wrong".  They are lyrics that ring out with truth and passion, a clarion call for a fired-up generation.

They call it "the sound of young Britain" and, right now, that description seems apt.  This is a band who know where they're going, what they want.  They speak for an age that is staring the economic scrap heap in the face, yet refuses to be bowed.  Like their cultural predecessors, their minds are focussed and their attitudes are intact.  And they're doing it all as sharply as the creases in their neatly pressed strides.

In short, The Spitfires' brand new single breathes fresh air into a stagnant musical landscape, at the same time sneering at societal conformity and negativity.  Frontman Billy Sullivan delivers his social commentary on both tunes with feeling, attacking his guitar with venom, backed admirably by Sam Long on bass and Matt Johnson on drums.  There's a little bit of ska in there, some rock and roll anger, and more than a little soul.  All in all, there's a strong heritage in the mix, delivered with a style that is all their own.

There's also a video on the way soon, which should be well worth a look, if the photos that have emerged of the filming are anything to go by.  Like the great bands before them, this is one that takes sartorial excellence as serious as musical, which is evident from a feature in style blog Daisy Do's.  It features a photoshoot from the filming of the video. Check the Fred Perry, the loafers, the boating blazer, the harrington.  Seriously great clobber from where I'm sitting.

On this evidence, The Spitfires could be your new favourite band. They are mine.

Spark To Start /Sirens was recorded at Paul Weller's Black Barn studio, produced by Charles Rees, and mixed at RAK studios. It is released on 12 November, with a limited run of cds available from the band's website.  It will be available to download on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

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  1. yes getting the same feeling about the spitfires has i did the jam back in 1979 this band could be special i hope so