Crossfire Hurricane

It was premièred last month and the first part was screened on BBC2 at the weekend (the second part is this Saturday).

Crossfire Hurricane was directed by Brett Morgan and tells the story of The Rolling Stones from their incarnation to the present day. There is commentary from the surviving members of the band, along with Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor, as well as archive fly on the wall footage that is informative, amusing and intimate. The clips from the Brian Jones era are particularly impressive.

It may be fifty years since they emerged to capture the imagination of a generation but, as this documentary reminds you, that fact doesn't matter in the slightest. The attitude, demeanour and swagger demonstrated here is timeless. As is the music, of course. And the release of the new compilation Grrr! is turning the new breed onto the band's prowess.

Essential viewing for anyone with the slightest interest in The Rolling Stones.

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