Satsuma Elephants

This one looks a little bit interesting.  Satsuma Elephants are a new band comprising singer/guitarist Matt Henshaw and drummer Chris Goring.  Some may remember them from their first incarnation, Censored, who created some of the most memorable rhythm and soul tunes of the last decade.  Since then, they have pursued other musical interests, such as Henshaw's B Boy soul in collaboration with Reggimental.

Early indications are that Satsuma Elephants are pushing the boundaries in the direction at which they excelled previously.  Psychedelic blues rock is where they are going and that is very good news indeed.  If anything, Henshaw's vocals sound more soulful, his guitar playing harder and Goring's drums more rampant.  Information about their upcoming gigs will be available on their Facebook page and also their website.

Here's a taster of their new tune 707.  Look out for Satsuma Elephants - and remember where you read about them first.


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