The Mannequins

The latest release from Plastic Pop records is the debut album by The Mannequins, a record that threatens to blast into the nation's consciousness like a fired-up Rickenbacker on heat.  From the moment the power chords which introduce Shiver come through the speakers, we're treated to full on assault of rock and roll mayhem.

The vocal delivery is strong and bluesy, perhaps a little reminiscent of the great Paul Rogers from Free, especially on a tune such as Dance With Me.  There are classic, highly danceable, rock vibes throughout the the album, showcased on tunes like Remember The Time and Heart's On The March.  Head Screwed On is a slice of straight-ahead adrenalin, of which the likes of Humble Pie would have been proud.

Grain Of Sand slows things down a little with a neat acoustic introduction and poignant lyrics. Stop Signs, the wonderfully titled Can You Hear Bang Bang! and 4 Feet are all packed with strong hooks and riffs.  There is some impressive guitar on Machine, one of two live tunes that close the album.  The other, Much Ado About Nothing, is particularly catchy.

Check them out at their Reverbnation page.  Their album is available at Plastic Pop - links are at the bottom of this page.

This is the video of Head Screwed On.

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