Late night, feeling hungover this morning,  after watching one of the most exciting elections in years until five and the light was beginning to appear. Accompanied by copious bottles of Becks and classes of wine.   Glad I had the day off.

Managed to rouse myself in the afternoon. Not quite sure how, but I did it, somehow. Strong coffee can work wonders. The first thing I thought on waking, apart from last night, was that I wanted to to pay a visit to one of my local second hand record shops. Very pleased I did.  I picked up a pair of gems, original classic singles from the sixties.  Happy Jack and I'm A Boy by The Who on Reaction.  Looking beautiful in all their black vinyl and blue label glory. That band have played such an integral part of my world view since I first put Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy on the turntable all those years ago.  These two are classic Pete Townshend, focussing on the individual and the misfit and the outsider. Happy Jack is such a statement for the indomintability of the human spirit.  

Both singles are from 66 and play perfectly - very pleased with the purchases I've made.

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