Street Rituals

Album of the year?  There's no question from where I'm sitting. After previous triumphs such as To Find The Spirit and A Life Unlimited (not to mention glories like the sublime Tracing Paper), Street Rituals by Stone Foundation is the album that inspires.

West Midlands soulboys, they could have brought Muscle Shoals to Warwickshire. This is proper soul, with lyrics from life and vocals that come deep from the heart. There are infectious horn sections and hammond and bass lines that will send funkalicious shivers down the spine.

Its produced by a certain Mr Weller, who guests on the opener Back In The Game, Street Rituals and Your Balloon Is Rising. It also includes guest vocals by William Bell on Strange People and Bettye Lavette on Season Of Change, which just happens to be my favourite tune. Its what the world needs right now.  Along with records like this.

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